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Automatic Sipper System

Automatic Sipper System
Read samples automatically.

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For Ultrospec 7000/8000/9000. Aspiration system using a peristaltic pump head designed to automatically read a sample from a tube, beaker or flask. The sample is sipped through the front aspiration tube and then moved to the flow-through cell for automatic reading. After measurement the sample can be either sent to waste or returned to the sample tube, suitable for precious samples.

An air gap volume can be set between two samples to avoid any cross contamination. All sipping parameters can be programmed and stored along with the user method and include: sipped volume, air gap, settle time, auto read on/off and waste or return modes. The sipper is fully controlled from either the built-in local software or via the Windows™ PC DATRYS software.

• Automatic aspiration
• User defined air gap and sip volume
• Waste or return option
• Local or PC-controlled
• Ability to calibrate sipped volume
• Choice of tubing kits
• Requires Tubing kit 80-7100-37 or 80-7100-38 and suitable flowcell 80-7100-40
Product Code Accessory Name
80-7100-37 Tubing for Ultrospec Sipper
80-7100-38 Acid Resistant Tubing Kit for Ultrospec Sipper
80-7100-40 Quartz Flowcell for Sipper