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Ultrospec® 7000/7000PC UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Compatible with Datrys PC control software
On board Equation editor software
Choice of data output: USB cable or USB stick
Color touchscreen for simpler operation
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Ultrospec® 7000/7000PC UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
High performance multiple applications

Product Code Price
Ultrospec 7000 29003605      View Price
Ultrospec 7000PC 29003606      View Price
Ultrospec 7000 Ext Warranty 80-7101-03      View Price
IQ/OQ Documentation for the Ultrospec 7000/8000/9000 80-2120-28      View Price


Ultrospec 7000/7000PC is a multiple application, dual-beam, UV-Visible spectrophotometer developed to meet the day-to-day needs of the busy laboratory.

Engineered for robust, lower cost operation with minimal maintenance requirements, yet providing simple, touchscreen operation, multiple-user profiles and a choice of data export methods.

A range of software upgrade and accessory options are available to meet your needs in the future.

Dual-beam instrument with a 2 nm bandwidth.
High-energy Xenon lamp minimizes annual running costs (3 year warranty on Xenon lamp).
Color touchscreen (stand-alone instrument) - simpler operation.
Software for wavelength scanning, fixed wavelength, standard curves, kinetics and pre-stored life science methods as standard.
Equation Editor software allowing custom calculations to be applied to measured data.
Multi-user analytical instrument with secure login to protect methods.
USB memory stick data/method storage and USB PC connection—export data the way you want.
Stand-alone or PC-controlled versions available.
PC version is supplied with Datrys Standard.
Stand-alone version includes Print Via Computer (PVC) only—can be upgraded with Datrys software options including Life Science and CFR.
Wide range of accessories and options available.
Light Source Xenon flash lamp
Monochromator Double-beam monochromator
Detection Technology Dual-silicon photodiodes
Wavelength Calibration Automatic upon switch on
Spectral Bandwidth 2 nm
Photometric Reproducibility ± 0.002 A at 1 A
Stability ± 0.0003 A/hr at 500 nm
Stray Light < 0.025%T at 220 nm using NaI and 340 nm using NaNO2. < 1%T at 198nm KCl
Wavelength 190 – 1100 nm
Accuracy ± 0.3 nm across wavelength range
Absorbance -4.0 - 4.0 A
Digital Output USB cable, USB memory stick, Printer (optional), Bluetooth (optional)
Height 457 mm
Depth 330 mm
Width 533 mm
Weight < 18 kg
Voltage 90-250 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Product Code Accessory Name
80-7100-11 Test Tube Holder
80-7100-09 Thermostatted 5-Cell Changer
80-7100-08 Automatic 8-Cell Changer
80-7100-05 Variable Pathlength Cell Holder
80-7100-03 Water Thermostatted Single Cell Holder
80-7100-36 Automatic Sipper System
80-7100-50 Peltier Thermocirculator
80-7100-60 Printer Accessory for Ultrospec 7000/8000/9000
R-Recommended      S-Suitable      NS-Not suitable Ultrospec 9000 Ultrospec 8000 Ultrospec 7000 Ultrospec 2100
DNA/RNA quantitation R R R R
PCR/sequencing/hybridization Primer quantitation and design R R R S
Protein determination (Bradford, Biuret, BCA etc) R R R R
Cell culture OD600 R R R R
Enzyme activity kinetics at 340 nm R R R S
Fluorescent probe quantitation, cDNA probes for microarrays, PCR probes R R R S
European  pharmacopeia  compatibility R R NS NS
Pharma method development R NS NS NS