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Support Center   Ultrospec 10
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the beam height?

    Beam height is 15mm above the base of the cuvette. Recommended fill level is at least 20mm.

  • Can I change the bulb myself ?

    The LED lamp in the Ultrospec 10 is not replaceable.

  • What is the difference in beam technologies ?

    The Ultrospec 10 is a single beam instrument. Single beam refers to the fact that the light just passes through the sample holder straight to the detector. An initial reference is required to standardise the instrument before analysis can begin. Single beam instruments are generally very simple and economical to purchase.

  • What does the Ultrospec 10 measure ?

    The Ultrosepc 10 is designed specifically for measuring cell density, which can be used to measure the growth curve of a cultured population to allow harvesting of cells (typically bacteria) at the optimum point.

    The basic method of measurement is to analyze light scatter at 600 nm: the greater the number of cells, the larger the amount of light scattered as it passes through the cuvette, and if more light is scattered, less light reaches the detector. The numerical results from different spectrophometer designs are not directly comparable, but the same pattern of increase, level and decrease will be seen on all instruments.

Product Codes
  • Spectrophotometers

    Product Name Code No.
    Ultrospec 10 Cell Density Meter 80-2116-30
  • Consumables

    Product Name Code No.
Hints and Tips
  • Baseline regularly

    For absolute accuracy in your readings, take a reference measurement (zero reading), just before your sample readings. Regularly store a new default baseline, especially after changing a lamp.

  • Cuvettes - choose carefully

    It is important to choose the best cuvette for your application. We recommend the use of Biochrom semi-micro disposable cuvettes, as some other makes may not fit reproducibly in the cell holders.

    The instrument beam height of 15mm should be taken into consideration when choosing low volume cuvettes.

    For best results choose quartz cuvettes.

    Check your cuvette is filled sufficiently to at least 20mm from the base.

    Check your cuvette is free from finger prints and scratches on the faces.