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Ultrospec® 10 Cell Density Meter

Battery powered
Long life LED source
Connect to a PC
Small and portable
100 sample memory
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Ultrospec® 10 Cell Density Meter
Small & portable for use where cells are cultured
Product Code Price
Ultrospec 10 80-2116-30      View Price
Ultrospec 10 Ext Warranty 80-3002-52      View Price


Ultrospec 10 Cell Density Meter measures the density of cells in suspension at 600 nm. Small, portable, and easy to use, the instrument can measure growth rates of E. coli, other bacteria, and yeast (it is not recommended for use with mammalian cell lines).

The hand-held device can be easily employed in incubation cabinets, under anaerobic conditions, and in other areas in the laboratory where cells are cultured. Spillages can be easily wiped from the smooth surface, and the cell compartment area can be flushed with, for example, formaldehyde or ethylene oxide to sterilize it.

The Ultrospec 10 uses a 600 nm LED source in combination with advanced fiber optics to obtain OD600 measurements, which are comparable to those obtained with a standard spectrophotometer. Measurements can be sent via a serial lead to a printer or can be downloaded to an appropriate program on a personal computer for analysis. Rechargeable batteries provide nearly one month of cord-free use.

Battery operated for use where cells are actually cultured.
Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to sterilize.
Download results to a PC or printer for convenient data storage and retrieval.
Small, portable, and dedicated cell density OD600 measurement instrument.
Light Source LED
Spectral Bandwidth 40 nm
Wavelength < 600 nm
Absorbance -0.3 - 1.99
Absorbance Accuracy < ±0.05 A at 1 A using neutral density filters
Memory 99 Readings
Output RS232
Cuvette Holder Fixed with drain hole. Accepts 10 mm pathlength semi-micro and macro cuvettes or 14-17 mm round tubes
Height 60 mm
Depth 150 mm
Width 180 mm
Weight 0.6 kg
Voltage 110/220 V External power adapt--internal rechargeable NiMH battery
Product Code Accessory Name
80-3003-20 LED Replacement for Cell Density Meter
R-Recommended      S-Suitable      NS-Not suitable GeneQuant 100 Novaspec Plus Novaspec III Ultrospec 10
DNA/RNA quantitation R NS NS NS
PCR/sequencing/hybridization Primer quantitation and design S NS NS NS
Protein determination (Bradford, Biuret, BCA etc) R R NS NS
Cell culture OD600 R R NS R
Enzyme activity kinetics at 340 nm NS R R NS
Fluorescent probe quantitation, cDNA probes for microarrays, PCR probes S NS NS NS
European  pharmacopeia  compatibility NS NS NS NS
Pharma method development NS NS NS NS